Cucumber sandwich recipe

Easy and healthy Cucumber sandwich recipe for breakfast

If you are looking for a speedy and easy recipe for breakfast, tea party, your kids then you can try Cucumber sandwich recipe.

Cucumber sandwich is refreshing and delicious, and it can make any time of the day. It’s full of vitamins and nutrient.

Health Benefits of eating Cucumber

  1. Cucumber contains flavonol called fisetin, and it plays a vital role in brain health. Fisetin helps to protect your nerve cells from age-related
    Decline.It also helps to improve/boost your memory.Cucumber
  2. Cucumber contains 96 percent water.If you are busy to drink enough water, then eat cucumber.
  3. It contains Vitamin A, B,c, magnesium, potassium, and silicon.
  4. Helps to Lose Weight and lower the uric Acid levels in your body.
  5. Silica in cucumber makes your hair and nails stronger and shinier.
  6. Suitable for diabetics and sterols in cucumber reduce bad cholesterol.
  7. Polyphenols called lignans in cucumber lower the risk of prostate, breast, ovarian and uterine cancers.


  • Prepare time: 10 Minute
  • Serving: 2-3 people


  1. Cucumber-1
  2. Carrot-1
  3. Tomato – 1 (Optional)
  4. Avocado-1 (Optional)
  5. 1 Pinch lemon pepper(Optional)
  6. Cheese spread or cream cheese – 2tbsp
  7. Black pepper(crushed)– 1/2 Tsp
  8. Bread slices – 4

Cucumber sandwich Directions:

Step 1

Cucumber and carrot should be chopped very finely.Must remove the centre part of cucumber.If you want, then you can take avocado.

Step 2

Now take a mixing bowl and mix carrot, cucumber, and cheese spread with black pepper.If you want, then you can add some lemon pepper.Try to Mix well.

Step 3

Now spread the mixture over the sliced bread and cover it with another one.Your Sandwich is ready.

Step 4

Serve with tea or a glass of juice and enjoy your Sunday evening.

Bonus Tips:

  • Cut each sandwich and Create four triangle mini-Sandwiches lo look beautiful.
  • I like sweet, so I add some honey(1/2 tsp)
  • If you want then add some Lettuce for decoration